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Medical Marijuana

Pain Rehab offers onsite medical marijuana certifications. Medical Marijuana can be a safe and effective treatment for patients suffering from many chronic ailments.  Chronic pain often leads to chronic depression, inactivity, weight gain and decreased quality of life. Use of addictive medications like opiates in patients suffering from chronic pain feeds into a vicious cycle of chemical dependency.  For these patients, Medical Marijuana can be an alternative option. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Marijuana works by stimulating the marijuana-specific receptors to produce the desired therapeutic effect. 

Because Marijuana is natural and organic, it's side effect profile is limited not to discount the effects on mood, motivation etc.,  It is free from some common side effects of prescription medications.  Example: Constipation with the use of opiate pain medications.  Furthermore, Medical Marijuana therapy may prove to be effective in many patients who have failed various traditional medications, therapies, injections, and surgeries. Thus, Medical Marijuana therapy may be a good adjunct and an alternative for treatment-resistant chronic pain, muscle spasms, PTSD, etc.,  Treatment of these chronic conditions with medical marijuana helps in managing the chronic disabling symptoms with least amount of prescription medications and at times help in stopping them.  Lastly, it may also help in improving the quality of life significantly.


In our comprehensive pain management program, patients suffering from chronic pain also have access to continuing various other treatment options like chiropractic therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, laser therapy, traction therapy, counseling in addition to spinal injections and substance abuse counseling.

Contact Pain Rehab about the Medical Marijuana Program.

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