Specializing in

Non-Operative Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation and Pain Management

" Our Goal - Pain Control"
Integrated Multidisciplinary  Care

The treatment plan is comprehensive, customized and

fully integrated between all the providers: 

the physician,

the therapist,

the chiropractor &

the counselor.

State of the art onsite surgical suite

- Epidurals

- Facet Injections

- RF Ablations

- Discograms

- Discectomy

- Spinal Cord Stimulators

- Peripheral Nerve Stimulators 

- Kyphoplasty

- Intrathecal Pumps


State of the art onsite EMG lab

- Sciatica

- Neuropathy

- Tingling/Numbness

Convenient locations

Comprehensive care under one roof: 

Therapies: Chiropractic, Massage, Acupuncture

Spinal Injections: With Sedation 


Pharmacy: Non-Opiates, Topical Creams

CLIA certified Lab: Medication monitoring

EMG Lab: for testing muscle and nerve 

Imaging: X-ray, MRI, and CT Scans

Case Management: Auto & Work Injury

Disability: Reports and certification

Medico-Legal: Depositions & Testimony

State of the art onsite therapy suite

- Physical Therapy


- Chiropractic Therapy


- Massage Therapy

- Acupuncture


- Counseling


- Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation

Futuristic treatment options

- Stem Cell Therapy


- PRP Injections

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