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El asesoramiento de rutina es necesario para controlar el dolor crónico, la dependencia de opiáceos y la adicción a las drogas ilícitas.  La desintoxicación lenta en un ambiente controlado es solo el comienzo de una batalla a largo plazo contra esta enfermedad crónica y para evitar recaídas. 


How it Works

TMS works by stimulating those areas of the brain that are underactive in the limbic system. The treatment consists of 20-minute sessions, 5 days a week for 7 weeks.  During the treatments, patients are comfortably seated in a chair, and a cushioned helmet is placed over their heads. The helmet contains the H-coil which stimulates the specific areas of the brain that is being treated.  Soon after the treatment session, patients can return home and resume all of their normal activities.


Depression Relief

Because TMS it is not a medication based treatment, it is free from the various side effects that patients often experience while taking antidepressant medications for a long time. With TMS, patients can get relief from their depression symptoms within a few weeks. Furthermore, TMS therapy may prove to be effective in many patients who have failed various medications. Thus, TMS therapy can be a good solution for treatment-resistant depression and offer a ray of hope for those who are severely depressed. Adequate treatment of depression helps in managing chronic pain with least amount of pain medications. 

Image by Fernando @cferdophotography

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