As you can see from the above illustration, Opiod medications can have significant side effects in some patients.  These side effects are in addition to development of drug dependence and in some patients leads to addiction.
Our goal is to optimize the medication regimen to treat patient's acute and chronic pain disorders with lease amount of opiate pain medications when needed in addition to explore alterate non opiate medications, adjuvant medications, creams, ointments etc., while offereing various therapies and eomplimentary treatment options like acupuncture and tailor such treatments specific to the patient and their medical condition.
Desta Kamal Pharmacist, 

As the staff pharmacist I specialize in compounding customzied medication creams, ointments and gels for topical application to treat cuate and chronic musculo-skeletal conditions.  In our practice, we use these custom prepared medication creams to provide pain relief and muscle relaxation. We prepare fresh creams and ointments on a weekly basis, and typically, these creams and ointments consists of anti-inflammatory medicines, muscle relaxers, local anesthetics, and neuropathic pain relieving medications.


I also help in customizing the medications and dosages for patients seeking care in our integrated, multi-disciplinary pain management practice.   



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